Sunday, 29 November 2015

Santa hat organza bag

I came across some little red organza bags at a local discount store when I was looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for our school and day care teachers. 

Then inspiration struck - these bags could become mini Santa hat bags with a pom pom and some felt. Add some wrapped chocolates and I would be sorted. 

I removed the tag from inside the bag then used hot melt glue to attach the white pom pom to the top of the bag, above the drawstring. 

Next I put a line of hot melt glue along the bottom of the bag and attached a piece of white felt which had been cut to size. 

Once filled with some wrapped chocolates I pulled the drawstrings and there it was, a little Santa hat organza bag. 

I also made some with bigger organza bags to hold some fudge.

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