Monday, 29 September 2014

A very crafty Christmas

Last Christmas, my kids and I spent a bit of time being crafty. Here are some of the things we made:
Bauble tree decorations
For these ones, we traced some circles onto the back of some dark red card and cut around the circle, leaving the square section at the top, and then punched a hole at the top for the string. Then I made added some glitter glue swirls.

Santa hat tree decorations

This was an easy one for my 3 year old to do - we just glued some cotton balls onto triangles of red cardboard and attached some gold string to hang on the tree.
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer ornaments
For these ones, we cut circles out of brown cardboard and drew the eyes and mouth with black marker, and added a red pom pom for Rudolf's red nose. We also added some short lengths of black pipe cleaner (folded in half in a V shape) for the antlers (you can't see them very well in the pic though).
Santa's belly ornaments
I loved this one - very easy but I thought it looked very effective. Its a circle of red cardboard with a wide strip of black paper glued on to the middle. Then I cut out a square of yellow paper, a bit wider than the black belt, and glued that on to the middle of the belt. I took another square of black paper, the same width as the belt, and glued that on top of the yellow square. You could also use silver or gold paper for the buckle. I added a hole at the top with string threaded through to hang on the tree.
Now for some fancy ones!
Snowflake decorations
My mum, Lesley Jendra, is a Stampin Up demonstrator and she had a workshop just before Christmas where we made these very pretty snowflake decorations. Her blog has some more examples of these using other colours. My 6 year old helped me make both of these.

We also made some ornaments using Stampin Up stamps, framelits and embossing powder. These took a lot longer and aren't really a kids craft but look beautiful.


It's less than 3 months until Christmas is here again!


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