Saturday, 15 February 2014

Travelling hearts card

A few days before Valentine's Day I saw a gorgeous heart map wall art on the web and thought that it would make a perfect idea for a Valentine's Day card for my hubby. This is how it turned out:

I started by finding maps on Google Images of different places that are special to both of us - places we have travelled to together over the last 15 years, and the place we call home. In Word I set up a blank page with 9 identical hearts (no fill, just a black outline), spaced roughly the way I would put them on the finished card (see tip below), and then one by one I copied each map image into the Word document and resized it until it fit perfectly inside one of the heart outlines. I made sure for each map that you could read the name of the place  I then printed the page of maps on white cardstock and cut out each heart shape. I cut inside the line of the heart so that you couldn't see it on the cut out hearts. I then folded each heart in half (so the fold line goes from top to bottom) and glued the fold line of each heart onto my card. Having the fold in the hearts allows them to sit up for a 3D effect.

I was so happy with the end result, and I think my hubby was impressed too - even more so when he realised the significance of each of the maps.

This would also make a great birthday card for someone who loves to travel or is about to set off on a trip.

Here's a tip for working with Word when making cards: using the Print Layout view (ie where you can see a white area representing the printed page, with a grey border around the outside), hold a sheet of paper up to your screen and adjust the zoom until the size of the document on the screen matches exactly to your piece of paper (on my computer it's 107%). Then you know that whatever is on the screen will print at pretty much that size - this is great for lining up text and/or images to a particular spot on your paper, or getting something the right size to fit a particular card size.

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